New Horizon School
New Horizon School
School Code: 25238

New Horizon School
Fee Schedule

Payment of Fees:

  • Tuition fee for three months shall have to be paid at the time of admission.
  • All fee becomes due in the beginning of the quarter (i.e. April, July, October & January) and are to be paid quarterly in advance, i.e. latest by the 10th of the April, July, Oct. & Jan every year.
  • After the 10th of the month, if the fee is not paid, a late fine of Rs 5/- per day will be charged from the 11th to 15th of the month. From the 16th of month till the end of the month a fine of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged. Failure to pay by the last day of the month will entitle the school to strike off the name of the child and the child will not be allowed to attend the classes. Re-admission will be subject to availability of seat and on payment of full dues arrears including re-admission charge of 200/-.
  • Any child who has outstanding dues for the session will neither be allowed to take the final examination nor be considered for promotion to the next class.
  • A sum of Rs. 500/- is to be deposited as security at the time of admission. This amount is refundable, after deduction of the dues of the school, at the time of the student leaving the school.
  • Once the admission is granted and payment made, refund will be as per rules.

Concession/Freeship :

Concession Freeship is granted to economically weak and physically handicapped students. A formal written application is to be made to the principal giving therein complete and true statement of income of the parents / guardians at the beginning of the session. Concession will be withdrawn if the statement is found untrue or the progress of the child is found unsatisfactory. No student will be allowed fee concession unless he/she has passed in every individual subject with an aggregate of 60% and above. The fee concession is made only at the beginning of the academic year. This previlege will be withdrawn if the student's conduct, application and attendance are not satisfactory.