New Horizon School
New Horizon School
School Code: 25238

New Horizon School

This may be effected on any one of the following grounds and the decision of the school will be final and binding on the parents concerned.

      1. Continuous weakness in studies, despite the school's efforts to help the child.
      2. Absence without sanctioned leave.
      3. Behavioural problems which persist despite the school's efforts.
      4. Behavioural traits detrimental to the class/school's atmosphere.
      5. Being over-age for any class.
      6. After being detained twice in the same class.
      7. Non-payment of fees or recurring irregularity in payment as per schedule.
      8. Moral breach of conduct considered serious by the school.
      9. Non-serious attitude and persistent negligence of school programmes, regulations and work by the student.
      10. Non co-operation of parents in the welfare of the child including non-attendance of Parent-Teacher Meetings.